Mvac M85


  • Hybrid filtration system
  • 650 Airwatts
  • Warranty: up to 10 years*
  • Premium quality ABS body, covered by a lifetime warranty
  • Sturdy and durable high efficiency motors
  • First quality components


Made of premium quality ABS, its body ensures an increased durability and is guaranteed for life. The motor, as well as the electric components, were chosen specifically for their robustness and high performance. 


The motor, being completely isolated from the rest of the unit by a double enclosure, provides optimal suction strength. It also combines a high airflow to the suction strength, making it as efficient to vacuum heavier debris as to clean large surfaces. It’s the perfect model for a versatile use. 


Equipped with especially engineered components that eliminate vibrations, this unit features state of the art soundproofing so as to keep operating sound levels to a minimum. 


Mvac takes pride in offering a hybrid central vacuum, which can be used with or without a bag, at any time! The bag is full and you’re out of extras? Just remove the bag and the bag adaptor, and the self-cleaning filter of your central vacuum will do all the work! Hygienic The HEPA-style permanent filter, covered in a Teflon membrane, filters 99.97% of all particles, thus offering you a clean environment, at all times.

Technical data

Airwatts 650
Decibels 68
airflow 130 CFM / 221 CMH
Suction H20 143.1 " / 3634 mm
Ampères 15 A
Voltage 120 V
Turbines 2
Bag Capacity 4.5 US gal / 20 l
Receptacle Capacity 4.5 US gal / 20 l
Height 35.8 " / 90.9 cm
Diamètre 14.5 " / 36.8 cm
Weight 25.6 lb / 11.6 kg
Principle Hybrid
Filtration Bag or self-cleaning filter

Category: Central Vacuum

Type: Central Vacuum

Vendor: Mvac



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