In-Home Central Vacuum Inspection

A New Service For Winnipeg & Area

We offer a service that is unique in our industry. Every central vacuum system should be tuned up every 5 years. Otherwise, critical parts in the motor can wear out and cause damage. It's cheaper to maintain a motor by replacing a few worn-out parts than to replace the entire motor.

Tune-ups are like changing the oil in your car's engine: cheaper that replacing the engine!

Save money by keeping your central vacuum system tuned up regularly.

Call us today to set up a time for us to come to your home and check out your central vacuum system. 

We'll do a 10-point inspection of your central vacuum cleaner (regular $69.95) plus clean your in-wall central vacuum pipes (regular $49.95). 

If your system is working fine, we'll arrange to inspect it again in the future - depending upon how you use your vacuum.

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