Garage Vac Deluxe Package

Central Vacuum Without Pipes

Image of InterVac Delux Package.

Because it is powered by a high quality rechargeable battery, the Power Head does not draw electrical current from the principal operating system of the vacuum. It is extra power available when needed. When the Power Head is switched to the on position by means of a foot switch, it delivers a powerful brush churning action to vigorously agitate and withdraw caked material and other debris from carpets or other surfaces. 

When the electrical charge of the battery becomes depleted, simply remove it, insert it into the battery charger and plug it into an electrical outlet for recharging. Battery power: 7.2 volts. The battery does not have "memory": it may be recharged at any stage, minimum running time is 30 minutes. Please note that the battery is not charged prior to shipping.

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