Central Vacuum 10-Point Inspection

What's in the Inspection:

In order to keep them purring and engulfing the debris in your household with efficiency and ease, central vacuum systems should be tuned up every 3 years and the motor should be overhauled every 10 years. The Tache In-Home Central Vacuum Inspection will check your system to verify that all parts are functioning well.

  • Test entire unit's performance.
  • Check vacuum filters, cloth bag, inlet valves.
  • Check canister clasps and seals.
  • Test low voltage wires and connections.
  • Inspect hoses for blockages and rips.
  • Inspect connection wires and switches.
  • Check the muffler and venting functions.
  • Inspect powerhead belt, roller and motor.
  • Check all electrical connections.
  • Inspect pipe for leakage or blockage. 

Only $69.95

Keep a peace of mind by purchasing our 10-point no-obligation inspection of your central vacuum cleaner plus a cleaning of your in-wall central vacuum pipes for $69.95 (total value $149.95).


Inspection includes performance test, check of filter, bag and hose, and much more.

Pipe and hose cleaning using specially-textured TORNADOPOWER cloths to capture dirt residue.

Photo of Tornado Power Cloths Container

Tornado Power Pipe Cleaning

Once your entire system has been given the once-over, your vacuum's pipes will be cleaned using mighty TORNADOPOWER cloths, which are specially-textured and formulated to capture large amounts of debris like pebbles, lint and even sticks. The cloths will clear away every last spec of dirt but leave behind a scented solution to keep things smelling fresh.

Click here to watch a video and learn more about using TORNADOPOWER® to clean your central vacuum hose and pipes.