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Easy-Flo, tache vacuum

Easy Flo SQ9010 central vacuum system

Easy Flo SQ9010 central vacuum system

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Easy-Flo SQ9010

SQ9010 - Super Quiet Central Vacuum Unit
Motor MOT0288
Power 533 Air Watts
Airflow 120 cfm
H20 Lift 128"
Amps 12.0
Filter Paper
Capacity 3 Gallons
The SQ 9010 will change the way you clean your home. Super quiet and compact these units boast an astounding 533 air watts and are perfect for any new or existing townhouse, condominium or home up to 6,000 sq. ft.


Designed to Perform - Engineered to Last!

Easy-Flo manufactures high-quality, easy to use central vacuums. 

Our systems are powerful, quiet and reliable. 

No more hassle with upright vacuums, collection bags or short cords - Easy-Flo central vacuums feature 30 ft. collection hoses and self-cleaning filters. 

Our vacuums reduce airborne dust and allergen particles, letting you breathe easier.

Easy-Flo Central Vacuums are perfect for townhomes, condominiums and houses. 

Our vacuums are quiet, compact and simple to clean, and are backed by factory- trained professionals. 

We offer a limited lifetime warranty on all our vacuums and we carry a full range of tools and accessories to make vacuuming quick and easy, leaving time for life's important events.

Easy-Flo Central Vacuum Systems are recommended more than 6 times in the No. 1 North American physician book handout "Allergy Avoidance in the Home". 

"The use of a central vacuum, with an outside vent in the basement, ensures that no dust is recirculated. 

Easy-Flo is recommended by Consumer Reports." 

Reference: The Doctor's Guide to Allergy Avoidance in the Home, Kenneth Wright, 2005 MediScript Communications Inc. Publication ISBN 1-55040-146-7

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