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Easy-Flo, tache vacuum

Easy Flo SQ9055 central vacuum system

Easy Flo SQ9055 central vacuum system

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Easy-Flo SQ9055

Motor MOT-0317
Power 604 Air Watts
Airflow 126 cfm
H20 Lift 139"
Filter Removable Paper Bag and Secondary Filter
Capacity 5 Gallons
The SQ9060 is an inverted bag version of the SQ9055 for customers who prefer the added filtration and convenience of a removable paper bag. This unit is also recommended for areas where the amount if installation room is limited.


Designed to Perform - Engineered to Last!

Easy-Flo manufactures high-quality, easy to use central vacuums. 

Our systems are powerful, quiet and reliable. 

No more hassle with upright vacuums, collection bags or short cords - Easy-Flo central vacuums feature 30 ft. collection hoses and self-cleaning filters. 

Our vacuums reduce airborne dust and allergen particles, letting you breathe easier.

Easy-Flo Central Vacuums are perfect for townhomes, condominiums and houses. 

Our vacuums are quiet, compact and simple to clean, and are backed by factory- trained professionals. 

We offer a limited lifetime warranty on all our vacuums and we carry a full range of tools and accessories to make vacuuming quick and easy, leaving time for life's important events.

Easy-Flo Central Vacuum Systems are recommended more than 6 times in the No. 1 North American physician book handout "Allergy Avoidance in the Home". 

"The use of a central vacuum, with an outside vent in the basement, ensures that no dust is recirculated. 

Easy-Flo is recommended by Consumer Reports." 

Reference: The Doctor's Guide to Allergy Avoidance in the Home, Kenneth Wright, 2005 MediScript Communications Inc. Publication ISBN 1-55040-146-7

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