Attention central vac owners! When was the last time you had your central vacuum system inspected & serviced?


Keep a peace of mind by purchasing our 10-point no-obligation inspection of your central vacuum cleaner plus a cleaning of your in-wall central vacuum pipes for

Only $99.95

(total value $199.95)

What's in the Inspection:

In order to keep them purring and engulfing the debris in your household with efficiency and ease, central vacuum systems should be tuned up every 3 years and the motor should be overhauled every 4 years. The Tache In-Home Central Vacuum Inspection will check your system to verify that all parts are functioning well.

We service all makes and models.

Test entire unit's performance.

Check vacuum filters, cloth bag, inlet valves.

Check canister clasps and seals.

Test low voltage wires and connections.

Inspect hoses for blockages and rips.

Inspect connection wires and switches.

Check the muffler and venting functions.


Inspect powerhead belt, roller and motor.

Check all electrical connections.

Inspect pipe for leakage or blockage.



Inspection includes performance test, check of filter, bag and hose, and much more.

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Once your entire system has been given the once-over, your vacuum's pipes will be cleaned using mighty TORNADOPOWER cloths, which are specially-textured and formulated to capture large amounts of debris like pebbles, lint and even sticks. The cloths will clear away every last spec of dirt but leave behind a scented solution to keep things smelling fres

learn more about using FREE FLOW (PREVIOUSLY TORNADOPOWER®) to clean your central vacuum hose and pipes.