A Unique Service

In-Home Central Vacuum Inspection

& In-Wall Pipe Cleaning


Image of home showing central vacuum piping.

Every central vacuum system should be tuned up every 2 or 3 years to assure peak performance. Replacing worn carbon brushes and bearings every 8 to 10 years will assure your central vacuum will last for a lifetime. Otherwise, critical parts in the motor can wear out and cause damage. It's cheaper to maintain a motor by replacing a few worn-out parts than to replace the entire motor.

Tune-ups are like changing the oil in your car's engine: cheaper that replacing the engine!

Save money by keeping your central vacuum system tuned up regularly. 

Our 10-point In-Home Central Vacuum Inspection ($69.95) can be booked by visiting our store or contacting us at 204-231-3990 or by email.


Should your system require service at the time of the In-Home Inspection, for an additional fee, we’ll remove the central vacuum, repair it at our shop, then deliver and re-install the unit. Please ask technician for details.


We can also clean your central vacuum hose and pipes ($49.95) when we re-install the vacuum. 

Warranty: 30 days for all work & parts replaced.

We accept Visa, MC, American Express, Interac.