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Carpet Cleaner - Bissell BG10

Carpet Cleaner - Bissell BG10

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Get professional-grade carpet cleaning any time you want with the BISSELL Big Green Carpet Cleaning Machine; it even outclasses the leading rental carpet cleaner. The large capacity clean and dirty water tanks mean you get your best deep clean with fewer trips to the sink. Remove deep-down dirt from carpet with rotating DirtLifter® PowerBrushes that clean in both the forward and backward pass and stay comfortable while cleaning, thanks to the ergonomically designed, adjustable tank handle. The powerful clean you want is now available in your home. And BG10 uses less water than other smaller carpet cleaners to clean an area of the same size, making it more environmentally friendly too.


  • Two motors: one for the rotative brush and one for suction
  • Two tanks: one for solution water and one for used water
  • Ergonomic, adjustable and down side Handle
  • Extra large dirt-lift rotary power brush
  • Holder for the 25' (7,6 m) power cord
  • On wheels easy to transport
  • Flow Indicator
  • Forward and Back Cleaning
  • Optional 9' hose and 6" tough stain tools lets you spray and scrub extra-tough spots and stains on stairs, upholstery, and other soft surfaces (optional but highly recommended)
Carpet & Upholstery Tool Kit (Optional) 6" Power brush and 9' hose (Optional)
Wheels Non-Marking
Solution Water Tank Capacity 1,75 gal (6,7 L)
Used Water Tank Capacity 1,75 gal (6,7 L)
Handle Adjustable, Ergonomic and Drop Down For Easy Storage
Cleaning Mode Forward and Backward Cleaning
Suction Edge-To-Edge Suction
Brush System Rotating, Dirt-Lifter Power Brush
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