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Tache Vacuum

Bag - Paper - Central vacuum - Filtex 9 & 12 gallon

Bag - Paper - Central vacuum - Filtex 9 & 12 gallon

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Filtex 12 Gallon Central Vacuum Bags.

  • 4 Central Vacuum Bags (13 5/8" x 24")
Made to fit these Filtex and AirVac Central Vacuum Models:

  • NSB200, FX100A, NTS300, NTS300A, FX400, FX500A, FX500, TM 285 L, NTM285, NTC600, NTC600A, FX775, NTSP700 TSP700L, FX675, FX675A, FX725, FX900
VSI Filtex:
  • S-300-L, TS-300-L, TSP-300, TSP-300-L, TSP-300-LR, TS-300-L, TS-300-LR, TSP-300, TSP-300-L, TSP-300-LR, TC-600-L

M and S Filtex - FX-2000, ZX-5800, FX-3000, ZX-6000, FX-4000, ZX-7000, FX-5000, ZX-8000, M and S FX- 58 00, M & S FX- 6 000, FX- 7 000, FX- 8000


  • FX1000, FX1100, FX2000, FX3000, FX400, FX4000, FX500, FX5000, FX500A, FX675, FX675A, FX725, FX775, FX800, FX900, NTC600, NTC600A, NTM285 NTS300, NTSP700, SB200L, TC600L, TM285L, TS300L, TSP300L, TSP700L, ZX5800, ZX6000, ZX7000, ZX8000 & VM Series***WILL NOT FIT BV200 Series***
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