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Tache Vacuum Center Inc.

Hose & Pipes Tune-Up

Hose & Pipes Tune-Up

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Cleaning In-Wall Pipes

Recommended Every 6 Months

Once your entire system has been inspected and/or repaired, your vacuum's pipes will be cleaned to ensure you are getting proper airflow and suction.


TornadoPower Cloths

Why should I use TORNADOPOWER® cloths?

Your central vacuum system represents one of the most significant investments you will make in your home. In addition, it is also an important contributor to your family´s health and well–being. With proper care, your central vacuum system should provide years of trouble-free use. TORNADOPOWER® cloths are one of the simplest and most effective ways to clean and maintain your central vacuum system. 

What do TORNADOPOWER® cloths do for your system?

TORNADOPOWER® cloths are textured and are specially formulated to capture dirt and grime residue that exists in the hose and tubing. Also, when pulled through the pipe system, these cloths capture larger debris such as pebbles, lint, sticks, etc. and deliver these items to the canister. Finally, the treated cloths "wipe down" the inside walls of hoses and tubing, and their scented solution leaves the entire system smelling clean and fresh. 

Can I leave TORNADOPOWER® cloths in the dirt receptacle? 

Use of TORNADOPOWER® cloths should in no way alter the central vacuum system manufacturer´s recommended emptying intervals. Used cloths can be left in the dirt receptacle, and will continue to emit a clean, fresh scent.

TORNADOPOWER® Central Vacuum Maintenance Cloths are the do-it-yourself solution for central vacuum system care. These handy cloths are the ultimate way to reduce odors and restore your system to peak efficiency.

When should I use TORNADOPOWER® cloths?

TORNADOPOWER® cloths should be used every time the bag is replaced or canister is dumped. 

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