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Bag - Paper - Hoover upright - Type Y(3)

Bag - Paper - Hoover upright - Type Y(3)

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Hoover Paper Bag - Pack of 3 - Type Y with Allergen Filtration for Professional Upright Vacuum Model: CH50010

Task Vac Model: CH53005

Tempo Model: U5140900

Wind Tunnel Models: EH51000 U5458900 U5458910 U5460900 U5462900 U5467900 U5468900 U5470900 U5471900 U5472900 U5473900 U5481900 U5491900 U5491950 U6439900 U6485000 U6485100 U6485200 U6485300 U6485900 U8188900 UH30070 UH30085 UH50000 UH50005B, Savvy Models: U8125900 U8125960 U8135900 U8145900 U8150900 U8151900 U8153900 U8155900 U8157900 U8161900 U8163900 U8181900 U8187900 UH40110

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