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Carpet Cleaner - Sebo Duo Machine

Carpet Cleaner - Sebo Duo Machine

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DUO Machine

Our DUO Machine is part of a cleaning system that gets deep into the fibres of your floor without soaking, shrinking, or staining your carpets. A must-have for those wanting to dry clean larger carpeted areas, this is a convenient way to deep clean without having to call in a professional. German engineered and warranty protected, the DUO machine puts the power of a deep clean in your hands.

Advantages of the SEBO DUO Dry Carpet Cleaner

  • Do-it-yourself deep cleaning saves you time and money
  • Carpets aren’t soaked so it won’t need days to dry
  • Eliminates any dust-mite allergens that have built up
  • Built-in fibre protector to prevent future stains
  • No pesky detergent residue on your floors
  • No carpet shrinking or damp-smelling mildew
  • No damage to the carpets underlay
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